History and Culture

History and Culture - Ved and Techs

Welcome to History and Culture!

It is our vision here at History and Culture to collaborate with each other on objectives like:

  • Collect and Preserve historical and cultural brilliance from the past
  • Research and Validate the Chronology of Glorious past of India with Archeological Facts or Indisputable Astronomical Information
  • Learn from the mistakes done in past – Live in harmony with nature & god but be strong and powerful to protect your land and heritage, Acceptance of equality for everyone and give Space for every culture
  • Avoid re-search of things already available over thousands of years of Vedic knowledge
  • Clarify between Mythology aimed at Learning and Actual History. Do not mythologize actual history no matter how unimaginable it is. Use this knowledge before new R&Ds.
  • Keep things simple without discussing religion. Do not fall into religion debates or hurt feelings from any sect. Give equality to others and yourselves. Do not discriminate or divide.
  • In the end be a better human being and accept everyone without any bias/partiality. Accept diversity with open hearts and live in unity.
  • Collaborate with institutions, libraries, universities, industry, international organizations, etc
  • Get feedback on your projects from common people via polls, events and comments
  • Write Blog/Article, a multi-user editable Wiki document, a discussion/forum topic, an event, a poll. Create groups / projects / sub-groups as you see fit.
  • Invite your friends and publish on social sites. Collaborate with like-minded people on common goals.
  • Support each other and join hands for faster developments of your ideas

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