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Welcome to Life and Style!

It is our vision here at Life and Style to collaborate with each other on objectives like:

  • Discuss about your choices in your life and style
  • Share the best of your day-to-day living experiences, the things that fascinates you, things which you think would make your life beautiful
  • Discuss Fashion, Clothing and Fabric, and Accessories for decorating your house
  • Discuss your Taste – In Music, Art, Gadgets , Dance, Books, etc. Like Music Amplifier you like, learning to sing, Top 10 books for India’s Vision, etc.
  • Discuss your style icons and celebrities you look up to in order to get inspiration in your life and as a human being in general. Please avoid any negative remarks. Ved and Techs would like its users to share and gain from the collective knowledge and thinking of like-minded people.
  • Collaborate with National and International School of Arts and Life Sciences, Fashion, etc
  • Get feedback on your projects from common people via polls, events and comments
  • Write Blog/Article, a multi-user editable Wiki document, a discussion/forum topic, an event, a poll. Create groups / projects / sub-groups as you see fit.
  • Invite your friends and publish on social sites. Collaborate with like-minded people on common goals.
  • Support each other and join hands for faster developments of your ideas

You may start with the default group in Life and Style or browse through the groups in Life and Style or create a new Gorup/Project.