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Welcome to Modern Technology!

It is our vision here at Modern Technology to collaborate with each other on objectives like:

  • Discuss and Present all your Technology needs like IT, Electronics, Manufacturing, Gadgets, Renewable energy powered gadgets, Atomic science, Astronomical technology, etc.
  • Keep your ideas and discussions focused on current needs of society.
  • Make sure your idea does not disturb nature; no matter how much lucrative it may look. Find the environmental friendly and self sufficient way.
  • Call for industrial backed research and developments
  • Participate in conferences, share knowledge, discuss and implement
  • Collaborate with institutions, libraries, universities, industry, international organizations, etc
  • You may create a magazine, knowledge base group, or suggest a new feature / ask for help
  • You may attach RSS Feeds (piece of new content from any website that provides RSS feeds) into your Group/Project. Compliment your group/sub-group with information from the web.
  • Avoid any objectionable contents, negative sentiments, etc
  • Write Blog/Article, a multi-user editable Wiki document, a discussion/forum topic, an event, a poll. Create groups / projects / sub-groups as you see fit.
  • Invite your friends and publish on social sites. Collaborate with like-minded people on common goals.
  • In the end support each other and join hands for faster developments of your ideas

You may start with the default group in Modern Technology or browse through the groups in Modern Technology or create a new Gorup/Project.