About Us

Our Vision

Ved and Techs has the Vision to Combine the Power of Vedic Knowledge with Modern Science, Collaborate in an Open Platform to Present Ideas with Like-Minded People, Target Basic Necessities and Free Amenities for Everyone, Make Societies Self Sufficient, Get Industry backing for your R&D Groups, Promote your Projects and Much more.

Vedic Science + Modern Technology

Re-search the Ancient Indian knowledge fom Ved, Taksha's Takshashila university, Panini's Sanskrit, Kautilya's Arthashastra, Ayurvedic knowledge, Cult science, Vedic science of mathematics and universe, Meditation science, and many more.... into a Vedic Library, and Combine its knowledge in your development projects with Modern science and technology.... All in a natural, environmental friendly, self sufficient and renewable way!.

Self sufficient societies, employement, basic necessities

Vedic knowledge and Modern science developments in renewable sources of energy and fulfill basic amenities and necessities freely to everyone

Personal development, Health, Sports, Self defence

Yoga, Karate, Self defence, Meditation, Food & Nutrition, Health, Medicine... Natural Well being!

Infrastructure developments, Environment, Nature

Develop stadiums for atheletes, Implement Fast trains to travel 400km in/out of the city in 60mins, Control population and Generate employement, Make your cities green with nature, Create wonders of the world, Giants statues of Guru/Shishya, Flowing rivers, forest and natural habitat in your living place and everything which compliments nature!

Open Platform Development

Collaborate with like-minded people, industry, govt, instituions, NGO, funds, media, international libraries/institutes, societies on Common goals keeping with Nature and Self sufficiency

University Research and Industry Participation

Vedic research + Industry participation - Allow all the above development ideas to nurture in this Collaborative Site which provides a University-like R&D and discussion centre with all-important Industry participation