Sadhanas (Meditations) and Gupt Vidyas (Rare Cult Sciences) of Spiritual World

There are many ways of experiencing and achieving ultimate knowledge and peace by meditation. Different Sadhus (meditators) follow different types of Sadhanas (meditations) to achieve the same goal. Some of these cult practices from ancient times in India are briefly described here.

Types of Sadhus:

  • Avdhoot
  • Aghori
  • Naga bawa
  • Others

Types of Sadhanas:

  • Satvik
  • Tantrik Vidya
  • Aghor Vidya
  • Mantrik Vidya
  • Yantrik Vidya
  • Hatth Yogi (e.g. difficult ways to meditate to see god. e.g Meditating with standing on one foot or with foot in river, etc)
  • Bhakti Yog
  • Prem Lakshana Bhakti (e.g. Meera bai, Gopi Krishna)
  • Ved Arankya (Vishu based) and other sadhana to be conducted in forest (Shiv based)
  • Others

Kundalini effect in all sadhanas:Sadhu in Samadhi

  • Realisation of 7 chakras
  • Experience based yog knowledge or knowledge from published books (Information based or Mantra based books)
  • Meditations by breathing control (Swasho-shwas)

Spirituality Levels / Sukshma Stár (सुक्ष्म स्टार) - 7nos:

  • First : Prêt yoni, Pichas (water living dracula) yoni, Chudail (wiki def.)
  • Second, Third : higher than prêt yoni
  • Forth : Pavitra level reached after meditations in several janam
  • Fifth : Difficult to reach this level as person gets confused and disturbed (e.g. Sai baba, Gajanand Maharaj, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, etc)
  • Sixth : Many sadhus do not prefer to reach this level as after few thousand years they will have to again come out as atma for janams (e.g. yaksh, kirnar, ghandharb, apsara, bhairav, yakshini, etc)
  • Seventh : God / Bramha,Vishnu,Mahesh

Levels of yog desires:

  • Puja
  • Sidhi
  • Guru – Shishya
  • Moksha
  • Above Moksha

Galaxies (Akash Ganga) of Universe:

  • 7 akash ganga with their own grah (planet) like prithvi (earth)
  • Every akash ganga has their own God / Bramha,Vishnu,Mahesh in its centre black hole where time is extremely slow
  • Supreme God above 7 akash ganga gods is unknown


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