Top 5 Ways to make India Self Sufficient and Successful!

In this first article in Ved and Techs, I would like to discuss with you how we can allocate our resources in the best interests of our country India.   We can first highlight the broad needs of our society as following: Top 5 Ways to make India Self Sufficient and Successful
  1. Basic amenities like water, food, shelter, education, employment, etc.
  2. Basic Infrastructure needs such as Road network (Broad highways connecting to every Village), Water network (for farming needs and drinking), Power generation/distribution, Railway network (Fast Trains connecting Metros @400km/h)
  3. Research and Technology Development for Sustainable Technologies (like Renewable Energy, Non-toxic materials and wastes, etc) to meet the above needs of the Society
  4. Funding for technology development (in Universities-Corporate joint effort), projects, employement, people (like free child education for all, supporting NGOs), publicity/awarenes (with help of media involement). Apart from funding by people, it is required that all profting corporates and organisations also offer to distribute part of their profits into a common pool of funds for distribution to other sectors/areas (example: profit from cricket could be pooled into football and athletics).
  5. Network of all concerned people and operating organisations (say which connects Needs->Funding->People->Corporate->Organisations->Institutes->Vedic R&D->Technology Development->Society->People)

I would like to propose Ved and Techs as a platform for people to come together and network with likeminded people for developments in their areas of interests and concern.

I am of the opinion that basic amenities should be freely available to everyone. In the pursuite for acheiving this we have to aim for a self sufficient and sustainable society model. A society which does not get affected by matters such as inflation, crude price, imports, world economy, anti-social elements, etc.

Here at Ved and Techs we can collaborate together to implement:

  1. Learn from earlier knowledge of Vedic Society and Avoid re-inventing what is already known to us. Take help from present day knowledge and success from other (national/international) places
  2. Start with small projects and bring them from Concept to Implementation (Concept/Idea->Discuss->Plan Steps->Publicity & Getting Help->Bringing Likeminded People & Organisations/Institutes together->Implement->Publicise success for implementation in other areas of Country)
  3. Focus developments in the core needs of the society. For example, development of abundant renewable energy, bringing food supplies to common people which is free from inflation and oil price, employement and self sustainable structure of society, funding & profit sharing, free child education, etc
  4. Bring together likeminded people from all fields and places. We will need all the help we can get. So, every single person can contribute and help. Every single organisation can help, be it Institutes, Corporates, Media, Government, NGOs, etc.
So, Join at Ved and Techs and reply with your ideas and needs. You can either reply with comments and start your own topic/project.


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I love this idea....

I love this idea and think the steps in right direct. People with similar goals can come together to bring small changes into big. Regards.

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