Food and Nutrition

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Welcome to Food and Nutrition!

It is our vision here at Food and Nutrition to collaborate with each other on objectives like:

  • Research and share science of food and nutrition for everyday usage
  •  Unveil the secret of tall built Ancient Indians
  • Ayurvedic supplements instead of protein supplements for exercise and gym enthusiasts
  • Improvement in quality of food, delivering original food products without adulteration/ mixing with improper ingredients. Aim for original food raw materials.  
  • Increase of protein intake (like paneer, soya, etc) and limiting carbohydrates (rice, roti).
  • Intake of natural intoxicants and healing foods
  • Balanced eating and exercise routine. Collaborate with Fitness and Self Defence Group in Ved and Techs.
  • Collaborate with institutions, libraries, universities, industry, international organizations, etc
  • Get feedback on your projects from common people via polls, events and comments
  • Write Blog/Article, a multi-user editable Wiki document, a discussion/forum topic, an event, a poll. Create groups / projects / sub-groups as you see fit.
  • Invite your friends and publish on social sites. Collaborate with like-minded people on common goals.
  • In the end support each other and join hands for faster developments of your ideas

You may start with the default group in Food and Nutrition or browse through the groups in Food and Nutrition or create a new Gorup/Project.