Energy General Group at Ved and Techs

Welcome to the General Group in Energy! Use this group to collaborate and discuss topics related to:

  1. Aim for naturally abundant and environmentally clean energy in earth and universe
  2. Focused discussion and research to replace harmful present sources of energy
  3. Collaborate with institutions, libraries, universities, industry, international organizations, etc
  4. Study Vedic knowledge on energy
  5. Discover new energy fields
  6. Create a connected library of renewable energy development
  7. Integrate university, industry research, individual research, institution research efforts into practically usable pilot plants
  8. Call for industrial backing on potentially successful pilot plants
  9. Get feedback on your projects from common people via polls, events and comments
  10. Participate in conferences, share knowledge, discuss and implement
  11. and much more...

You can join in any way you like, present your ideas, contribute and collaborate to a common goal.

  • Write a Blog/Article, a multi-user editable Wiki document, a discussion/forum topic, an event, a poll.
  • Create your posts media rich with informative/creative ideas, attach images, embed videos, embed documents, etc.
  • Invite your friends and publish on social sites. Collaborate with like-minded people on common goals.
  • Collaborate with external institutions like industry, NGO, govt, media, libraries, international organisations, institutions, etc.
  • In the end support each other and join hands for faster developments of your ideas
  • If you require a more specialised or specific group then create a separate project/group or create a subgroup.
  • You can also attach RSS Feeds from informative sites within your groups. You could even create your company/association profile in a private group and attach your association's website RSS feeds for automated updates/posting in the group.
  • You are bounded only by your imagination. If you need any feature or have an idea then simply discuss with us.
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