Prarabdh Astro Jyotish

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Prarabdh Astro Jyotish
We provide answers to your problems from astrology readings and spiritual meditation. Some of the general areas where people want our advice are mentioned below:  
  1. Kundli – Janma Lagna (Birth Chart: Nirayan or K.P method or Bhrigu rishi), Naumas (internal person, opposite partner preference), Chalit (diversion of stars at time of brith), Hora (wealth), Santaan (children), etc
  2. Horoscope Matching / Lagna Charts – K.P. Lagna Kundli, Guna matching along with bhav, rashi and graham
  3. Lal Kitab Horoscope with remedies
  4. Sade Sati Life Report – Effects due to past life during this period, Comes once every 30 years, Impacts on persons wealth/health/etc and improves his bad habbits, We provide remedies for each person to reduces its effects
  5. Vastu shastra OR Pranik Feng Shui (direction/disha analysis for house, office, etc)
  6. Numerology – Effect of spelling of a person’s name, business name, way of person’s signature, auspicious dates, analysis of person’s graha via numerology which we use in addition to astrology
  7. Favourable effect from nature/kudrat  - e.g. favourable colours, dates, fruits, rudraksh, metals/gems
  8. Year Analysis (Varshphal) 
  9. Baby Name Suggestion 
  10. Gochar Phal (Transit Report) 
  11. Life Report 
  12. Love Horoscope 
  13. Gemstones 
  14. Mangal Dosha 
  15. Dasha Phal Analysis 
  16. Kaalsarp Dosha 
  You can contact us from the following options:   If you are living in Mumbai, India then you can have face-to-face discussion. Otherwise you initiate your query by email.      Email :      Facebook Page :    
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