A Central System for Donation, Profit-sharing & Self-sufficient Functioning of Indian Society!

I] The Need

In one's day to day lives people have to work hard for a living and to satisfy the basic necessities of themselves and the people around them. One's work and thus his life is not just related to people around him but is also affected by various work opportunities and basic necessities made available to him. Education, employment and self-started works are the basic ingredients of a self-sufficient society.

II] The Problem

Now, let us see what makes the society insufficient and prone to high inflation and gets hit by recession. It is greed bent into cut-throat businesses and a run for unrealistic and unethical aim for profits. This probably leads to unbalance in the functioning of companies and has its direct or indirect impact on work opportunities and demand-supply equation.

III] The Solution

The best answer to overcome this problem in any individual society, village or city is to acknowledge the need to share profits and in-turn generate development. A self-sufficient society should bring together all profit-making sectors and bind them to share profits with the ones who need help & funding.

In simple terms, say a farmer requires continuous supply of water throughout the year or during a particular season to enable fertility of land and growth of crops. Water can be made available by various means such as, water pumped from underground, a channel of water network being made from nearby rivers and holding rainwater in dams and other methods. However, the farmer himself has his limitations to build all of this on his own. Hence, people need to chip-in help and funds in a group of development and funding for farming.

Now, the question is who will fund these farmers and what benefit will they get from this. Well, the answer to this is two kinds of people can chip-in into this fund viz. one who gets directly benefited due to this irrigation water supply network / crops and the other who does not directly get benefited from this. A person directly benefiting could be say, the villagers around the irrigation network who would get water supply for domestic use or say, the people who supply or consume the crop. A person who does not benefit from this directly but still would want to help these farmers, say a nearby profit making industry.

IV] A Central Donation and Profit-Sharing System

The next question is how to reach out the right people who need help or funding, and how to source the help and funds from the intended people. It would benefit everyone to be able to access information about help or funding from a central location such as website or helpline. This place will hold information of various parties interested in giving support and funding.

The structure of information should include all sections of the society who need funding and the ones that are profit-making, and bind them together for a self-sufficient society model.

Some of the causes needing funding are listed below:

  • Child education and rehabilitation for the underprivileged
  • Women rehabilitation and empowerment of working skills
  • Employment generation for the unemployed
  • Research and Development (R&D) Centres focussed on areas of development and help required, say in farming, transportation, green energy, etc.
  • Water supply system
  • Food supply and Automotive/Transportation fuel
  • NGOs

Some of the profit-making sectors of society are illustrated below:

  • Industries
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Traders and Distributers
  • Individuals and Society Groups

V] Getting Help with Present Resources

How to find Help for a Cause in India and Get Support and Funding

List of Funding Agencies and Funding Causes:




Find funding for your needs…
Funding Sources 
GiveIndia.org All states A donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs
Child Fund India Spread across 14 States and 1 Union Territory Tackle the root causes of poverty by making a 12- to 15-year commitment to children
World Vision India   Sponsor a Child, Education Gift, Donate Charity. With Rs. 800 per month (may change in future) you can sponsor a child to get good health, education & living, and at the same time you can write to the child, receive annual report & have a meaningful relation with the child.
Corporate Funding Schemes
Ambuja Cement Foundation works with the rural communities surrounding Ambuja’s manufacturing sites  
Azim Premji Foundation located in district towns and state capitals of select Indian states Works to improve primary education, along with related development areas such as child health, nutrition, governance and ecology
Govt. Funding
The Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI) All states  
Find Help for your needs…
NGO news – Indian Express -- First official estimate: An NGO for every 400 people in India
NGOs India All states NGO Web Directory - Statewise
IndianNGOs.com All states District-wise NGOs
Govt. Schemes
Department of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India - Schemes All states  
SWADHAR-A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances All states  
UJJAWALA (a Scheme for Women and Children) All states for Prevention of Trafficking for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of Victims of Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Directory / List of Agencies
List of Indian Agencies All states News of Indian agencies and schemes



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